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Grace School Associations

Homeschool Membership

To become and remain a GRACE member, you must do the following:

  • Complete the application form. For renewing members, please submit the account update form and email to
  • Be the parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) being taught.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must have a 180-day school year.
  • Plan and purchase an appropriate course of study for each student in the core subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature;
  • Remit annual membership dues per family,
  • Maintain educational records (as prescribed by law) including:
    • A plan book, diary, or other record indicating subjects taught and activities engaged in,
    • A portfolio of samples of the student's academic work;
    • A semiannual progress report including attendance records and individualized documentation of the student's academic progress in each of the basic instructional areas; reading, math, science, social studies, and writing.
    • Documentation of the student's academic progress in each of the basic instructional areas specified above.
    • Submit attendance records and high school records annually.
    • All memberships expire on June 30.

Senior Policy: A late fee of $25 is required for all seniors joining GRACE after September 30. Seniors will not be accepted after January 31 of their graduation year.


1. Have you ever been investigated for or charged with child abuse or neglect, educational neglect, or any other related charges?

2. Has any child that you plan to home school been suspended or expelled from school?

3. Are any of the children enrolling under a court order to attend school?

4. Are and of the children being home schooled from a marriage that ended in a divorce? If YES, are the children in your sole legal custody? Joint Legal Custody? If children are held in joint legal custody, this application must be accompanied by a letter from the parent who is not the primary teacher granting his/her consent for the child(ren) to be home schooled. If this is impossible to obtain, please contact the office.

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Membership fees are non-refundable.

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